About Us

Liz and Paola came to Ollantaytambo on vacation two years ago and were captivated by the magic and charm of the town. This is how, we decided to undertake this project with all our will and desire to provide good service and make you fully enjoy your stay.

Kamma Guest House

was founded on July 11, 2015, we are a small but cozy place, and our main goal is that you feel like home when you stay with us. We will achieve this by providing a quality service and modern but cozy infrastructure. We have a panoramic view of the town from the terrace since where you will also enjoy a nice breakfast. Also we are just in front of one of the main ruins in town Pinkuylluna that is free.
Be captivated by the beauty of Ollantaytambo; visit its cobbled streets, Inca walls, and ruins. We will be waiting for you .

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