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What to Bring:

There are many hikes around Ollantaytambo that you can enjoy. Always wear high SPF sunscreen as we are at high altitude (about 9,080 feet or 2,800 meters) and close to the equator.

Please be sure to bring enough water, and a few snacks in a small day pack.


Time: 1 or more hours depending on how far up you want to go.

Difficulty: Moderate to difficult depending on how high you go. Can be dangerous the higher you go. Walk slowly.

Getting There: It is directly across from Kamma Gust House.

What You Will See: Granaries where the Inca stored dried foods but also clothes and weapons. There are centers for worship and gathering, and if you search carefully you can find some tombs, but they have been robbed.

Punku or the Inca Gateway into Ollantaytambo

Time: Total about 1 hour there and back.

Difficulty: Safe and easy hike.

Getting There: It is due east of Kamma Guest House. Go out of Kamma and make a right. When you reach the end of the street make a left. You will stay on this road till you arrive at the Gateway. Beware of the cars and buses. Stay on the left side of the road.

What You Will See: Entrance for the Inca into Ollantaytambo, Inca Road, Guard Post, Terraces, and a working irrigation system built by the Incas that is still used today.

The entrance is marked by two, double jammed openings. Before you enter look to the left of the entrance and you’ll see Inca stairs. You can go up them and stand on top, as that is where the Imperial Guards of the Inca were stationed to guard the last steps into Ollantaytambo. As you go through the Gateway, notice the curtains that use to exist.

You will be walking on terracing. The irrigation system is on the left of you. Continue on your trek noticing many guard stations above you on the left.

At the end of the hike you will see another entrance to Ollantaytambo. This is called Inkapintay. Go up the grassy knoll and you’ll see a narrow entrance carved into the stone. This marked the beginning of the entrance into Ollantaytambo. It is safe to go through but only for the sure of foot.

Across the river on the right you will see the ruins Choqana which was also used for guarding the entrance to Ollantaytambo. Both sides of the river, Inkapintay and Choqana did at one time join the river to protect the entrance of Ollantaytambo with the only weakness being the river. The river was guarded together by Inkapintay and Choqana.


Time: Total time depends on you. Give yourself at least 2 hours to enjoy the views. There is a paid entrance fee. Make this your last stop rather then your first as the entrance fee includes other sites within the Scared Valley. You will have a 3-day pass or 10-day passes to them depending on the ticket that you buy.

Difficulty: Moderate as there is much climbing on the steps to the top.

Getting There: Exit Kamma Guest House to the right. At the end of the street make a right again until you see the main Ollantaytambo Square. Turn to the right and keep walking till you go down the street and cross the bridge. After you cross the bridge, you will see the ruins of the Fort in front of you. The entrance will be just ahead. Guides are available for hire but I suggest you negotiate with them. Make sure they can speak you language fluently. Some of them are informed and others not.

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